Vápenná, Tuesday 2nd July 2013

After some time I decided to go on a trip again. This time I returned to the village Vápenná by Jeseníky. The road from us is not difficult, just rather long because of changing trains, but the road still passes fairly quickly.

My plan was to visit the quarry Vycpálek, one of the attractions of Vápenná. It is a partially flooded quarry where granite was previously mined. This quarry  cannot be crossed, because in front of the quarry there is a monument dedicated to Jan Vycpálek, after which the quarry is also named. The quarry is popular not only with tourists for a nice environment and the ability to bathe, but also for collectors of minerals. Location is one of the most interesting in the Czech Republic. It is a unique finding place of so called “floating” grenade hessonite which floats in floes of crystalline limestone. Previously, it was said that it was possible to find crystals of hessonite, reaching up to 12 cm. Also there are other minerals such as epidote or vesuvian forming interesting combinations with hessonite.

At the entrance to the quarry, you must cope with a moderate climb along the path that leads to it. After a few meters, you are able to see a flooded section and the main wall of the quarry. Grenades can be found at the bottom of the quarry about two meters above the water level, but I do not know exactly in which areas. My path led straight to the top of the quarry, where developmnent of grenades took place. Almost the entire area is covered with trees, where you can see result of word of collectors. Among the trees there are several holes and a large number of piles of rock. Even there you can find small concretions of crystals of hessonite. A few feet away, directly above the quarry wall, there is an uncovered part, where are blocks of crystalline limestone with large grains of orange – brown grenade. Among the debris and dirt you can find even loose crystals, but are mostly heavily weathered.

Visit of limestone quarry Vycpálek is definitely worthy, it is a nice place where one can rest. When we speak about minerals, you can always find something, it depends especially on luck and time you have available. I managed to find quite a nice example of a floating hessonite as well as the combination of hessonite with epidote. I can only recommend visit of this place.

Writen by: P.F.