Visit of locality Rovně nad Dolní Kalnou – Saturday 20th July 2013

Visit of the Locality „Rovně nad Dolní Kalnou“

On Saturday 20th July 2013

Findings in this area are more abundant after plowing in spring or autumn, but we did not let our taste be spoilt to find at least one nice piece right here even in summer.

Fields in “Rovně” are covered with grain, and so we can find at least agate stones on the sides of fields and sections where nothing is growing, even if these areas are not large. Although the fields are not plowed at this time and are overgrown, the chances of findings exist.

We went around the edges of fields, including sections without grain and found plenty of samples. These were especially the fragments of agates, small stones, but also larger stones with colors and eccentric drawing – typical for this area.

After cutting, you can look forward to a couple of samples of specimens.